Lovers, Liars and Mushrooms

Don’t give me that dog-eyed look!

And, yes, I’ve heard that line

Only a hundred times

-Stifles a yawn-

Find yourself a new book,

Will you please?

I’m running out


Witty answers.


Mushrooms :

Numerous, common, popping out in hundreds-

Mushrooms :

A metaphor for lovers.



That’s quite a story,

What you just said

I thought


Was the

Creative writer-

That tale,

Truly deserves standing ovation-

Maybe an Oscar too,

For the best actor!

No, save your breath,

I know the truth-

Don’t swear by me,

You idiot!

I’m too young for death.


Lies :

A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive

Liars :

A synonym for lovers.


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