An Unfinished Tale

Its eyes were following the butterflies.


On a rare sun spot under the dark canopy of ever greens, a swarm of butterflies were dancing. Yellow- cheery, bright, common butterflies and purple – intriguing, solemn, rare butterflies, dancing a ballet to the soft melody of Wind Rustling Through the Leaves; a perfect harmony.


Folding the wings, unfolding again, a humble fan and a flair,

Swirling, twirling, floating with wind, making pictures in the air,

Silently it watches, a predator? A beast? We know not what it is,

Genteel dancers, pause thy melody- tender butterflies, Beware!


Hiding behind the non existent grass, it was watching the butterflies. The thick brown fur blending so well with the barren earth, that if it wasn’t for the gleam of its awed eyes, you would not have noticed it.

Awed eyes; unusual for a predatory creature such as it.


The long, sharp claws that were making rainbows; the bared canines- made to rip; the low rumble emanating from deep inside its chest, all screamed one word: Danger.

But its eyes pleaded something else: Love.


Hush! You leaves, don’t make any noise- if they see me they will run,

I’ll watch from a far, don’t disturb their peace, let those innocent have their fun;

Look at their smiles, the bond they share- loved, as I never was,

So dance my little ones, laugh away- the greatest feeling under the Sun.


Oblivious to their unusual audience, the butterflies kept on dancing. The light was fading – the show about to close. And slowly, hesitantly, the clawed predator extended its paw. Not to catch a butterfly – not to hurt. Simply to befriend the creatures that showed it an unforeseen beauty.

But it had forgotten about one thing – its claws.


Slow as the movement was, it was speedy enough to cut through the air – and something purple floated to the ground- ripped in two.

The rest of the butterflies watched in muted shock as their companion floated away to a brighter spot of Sun, while the crumpled, torn body was cradled between a pair of shaking clawed paws.


And it howled.


With such sadness, that the Sun hid his face-

With such sadness, that the Blue skies wept –

With such sadness, that the Wind galloped away –

With such sadness, that the ever-greens wilted away –

With such sadness, that no one blamed the clawed beast for what just happened. Even the Great One above forgave the beast for the unintended crime.


Everyone forgave – except the Beast it self.


That look of surprise on the innocent eyes-

Stabs my heart with each heave of sigh

The pain is too much, yet I should endure,

I shouldn’t live – but I’m not worth to die.


And never again did the beast come to watch the butterflies. It hid away in a darkened cave, far enough that the butterflies could not see, yet close enough that it could watch them – look over them, with the caring sight of a self-appointed guardian.


Still it hides, punishing itself for an uncommitted crime. In the deepest corners of its heart, hoping to dance side by side with the butterflies one day…

Waiting until the narrator says “and they danced happily ever after”.


It lies in tears, all joy gone, clutching the pain close to heart,

Tormenting itself, stabbing its wound, broken down into a thousand parts –

Unwept tears, unkept promises, a suffering that eats it slowly away,

Holding on to the fragile hope, that “happily ever after” would come one day…



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