Why I prefer to live in the world of Harry Potter

My news feed on FB shows many posts on the rape/abuse of women. Some argue that it is the way they are dressed, the exposure of bare skin – according to them – is too much of a temptation to the fragile self-control of Y chromosome. To be fair, there are males who call such ideas pure bull and say that a woman should have the freedom to walk down the road naked if she feels like without being subjected to any insults or harm.

What caught my eye was something a colleague of mine had posted in a comment. She had said “you don’t find women raping men on the road”, which is quite true. There seems to be quite a division between men and women: a distinction of things that men are slowed to do and women are expected to do. Is this because we are human? Is this because of our culture?

Before you read any further, I ask you to take a look at the video here. It’s J.K Rowling on the topic of Women of Harry Potter.

There is one thing she says that entrances me. She says. “I wanted to show that once the physical factor is taken out of the equation, women are as powerful as men” She adds, “when the fighting breaks out, we take an equal part in it”.

Words worth pondering.

Examining Harry Potter, you find powerful wizards like Dumbledore, Grindelward. There are also powerful witches like McGonagall, Tonks and Molly. Harry is countered by Hermione without none of the things would get done, because she is the brains behind. But she is not simply brains; she fights and defends as well.

What intrigues me is that in the magical world, no roles are assigned on gender basis. Not even in its history. You find equality in the basis of choice. i.e. what you want be is what you become. Your gender plays no role in it.

I can’t understand the reason as to why it does not happen in the muggle world. Is this because we have been fighting for the wrong things? Perhaps what we should protest for is not equality; but for choice. Not to have same status as men, not to be able to do everything that men do (ew! I do not want to drool over a random car or spend several hours admiring some weird technical device), but simply for the right of choice. If I want to drool over a car I want to do it in peace, without hearing ‘YOU are into cars? Weird’ ; if I know who Yoda (from Star Wars) is, I want it to hear “yay! Hi 5! Another Star Wars fan!” and not “You know Yoda? Not many girls do”. And if I decide to stay at home and look after kids and the house, I want no one to approve of my decision because “that’s what a woman should do”.

I want to live in a society where there is a freedom of choice without discrimination. I want to live in a world where one’s choices are not judged upon their gender (not judged at all would be better, but I’ll settle for this. At least for now). I want to live as I want to, without generations of prejudices weighing on my shoulders.

Which is why, I think I’d be better off imagining myself to be in the Magical World. Running errands for the Muggle Welfare division in the Ministry of Magic, having coffee with my muggle boyfriend and bringing up squibs as children.


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