Killing My Conscience

Cover thine self, the tender eye

Nothing evil thou can see;

The turn of friend, the act of foe

Cover thine self let evil be.

Block thine self, ears, let silence be

No moans of pain thou should hear;

The cries of sorrow, howls of hurt

Block thine self, long live fear.

Bind thine self, formidable tongue

Uttering good is not for thee;

No kind words, no sighs of love

Bind thine self, let lies roam free.

Still thine self, justful feet

Save thine self alone in the gale;

The depressed soul, trodden upon

Still thine self, let unjust prevail.

Hark! The bells call me there,

To  bid farewell to my heart, once dear;

The time has come to put on the dress

Drenched in blood, soaked in tears.

The killing was done in self-defense-

The society embraces with hand now wide;

“You stab me in the hope to love

And may you live”, my conscience sighed.


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