On Watalappan and Kokis

I am no hero. I am no Buddhist either, though I studied Buddhism in school, and that’s what my birth certificate says. I am no Catholic, although my mother happens to be one, and I spend days at my cousin’s place when their Church feast is going on. I am not a Muslim, although I have read and studied their scripture thanks to the many Muslim friends I have. And, before you conclude that I am an atheist, I am not. Let’s just say I am looking for faith.

As I’m writing this entry, Grandpass is under curfew. Mobs have been attacking, and several people have been hospitalized. For what, you ask? Why, I have no idea. The story says that a group attacked a Mosque last night, and thus began the turmoil. Apparently now it’s a Buddhists Vs Muslims agenda.

Interestingly, Buddhism is supposed to be a religion of peace. According to Lord Buddha, his followers are to practice tolerance and universal compassion. In fact, it is debatable that Buddhism is a religion. It is more like a philosophy. So remind me again, where in the texts does it say “stone all non-Buddhist institutions”?

When I was in school we had to observe ‘sil’ for every Poson poya. We would go to the temple, and observe “dasa sil” (10 vows). There were one that terrified us: I shall refrain from using empty words (aka gossiping). Being young girls, of course our day was spent in gossiping. But that one day, we strove hard not to. if by any chance, we did, we would spend the rest of the day in utter guilt.

But looking at the monks nowadays, we need not have worried. Today, the country has Buddhist monks who get on stage and use filth when they are under the vow of not using profanities (parusaawacha). We have monks who scream, and run and carry their robe above the knees, while Lord Buddha was known for the calm and serenity radiated. And I don’t even need to touch on the vow of honesty, do I?

The sad truth is, Buddhism needs another commune like the three that happened soon after the passing away of Lord Buddha. A cleansing of the Sasana, to get rid of these dunder heads who carry out personal and political agendas under the shield of religion. The sadder truth is, half of the population who prides themselves on being Buddhists believe and follow this, while had they bothered to remember their grade 4 Buddhism lesson, they would know each and every act they are committing is against the religion they hold holy. The saddest truth, though, is that the rest of us are clueless as what to do.

The government, obviously, is not doing anything. And some part of the “family” are actively supporting these activites. While any child can see that they are not religious, few venture to question the motive behind these uprisals.
Tanks to Weliweriya, Fonterra incident was forgotten. Thanks to Grandpass, Welliweriya is forgotten. Where do you think they will strike next?

Friday night, I was whatsapping and texting my Muslim friends, demanding Watalappam the first thing on Monday. 24 hours later, I was whatsapping and texting my Muslim friends asking if they are ok, and can I do anything to help.

Let me ask a simple question. Though not of the faith, have you not stuffed yourself with Watalappam during school? Even if you are not a believer, have you not fought for your share of kokis soon after avurudu? If you have not, then you have seriously missed out on life.

Things are happening in Sri Lanka. Scary things. I spent the first half of my life worried about my brother who worked in Colombo, and worried about our domestic who was Tamil. I do not want my children to spend their lives worried about their school mate or worried if Mommy will come home from work.

Do you?Image


5 thoughts on “On Watalappan and Kokis

  1. Its a nice article , its a matter of time some religions are digging their own grave by their hands, we have wait for the moment and believe in the the oneness of ALLAH, There are plenty of examples (What did Firon do and how he ended,what is the status of Ariel Sharon, what happened to karoon ) all the big examples

    1. Thank you Demha. I am not taking the side of any religion. Just saying that anyone is entitled to believe what they want, and the cause for these unrest are more political than religious.
      Anyway, all religions call for harmony, peace and love, don’t they? 🙂

  2. I just read the article this morning. Well said. Nowadayss most people have forgotten the very basics of the religion – love, harmony, equality, peace. When the so called representatives of religion are advocating the violance how can the rest do otherwise. It’s high time people get together to stop this stupidity. Everyone have the right to have their own values and beliefs as long as they are not harmful in anyway to others.

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