New Year Resolutions

I never have tried this before, fyi. Somehow the New Year whizzes by me, and I am already on the 2nd Jan wondering if it would be lame to make resolutions so late in the year (the answer has always been yes). But this year, thanks to some timely prompting from my colleagues, I decided on a few things I would like to try out. Each resolution is caused by one or another of problems I see (except for the first resolution, as you will shortly notice).

  1. Blog more often

What is the point of having a blog, if I don’t update it? What is the point of all those poetry in the nightlight, the torrents of emotions that gushes through when seeing a spectacular sunset or when watching the world pass you by while rocking to the lullaby of a train? What is the point of not keeping a record of emotions, opinions and what-not, in a world where it can be done as easily as stalking the cute guy you saw in that coffee shop? I shall blog often. About random things. Because if I wait for something impressive to happen, I will be waiting a long long time; because if something is impressive to me, I should write about it – without wondering how the world at large will take it; because it moved me. And that is enough.

(This blog entry is implementation of the first resolution, btw)

  1. Learn to swim

I am a control freak. I think. At any rate, instances where I feel as if I’m losing control scares me senseless. Or maybe, I am just scared of dying – which is stupid and a topic for another blog entry. Whatever the reason may be, I scream murder if someone tries to take me more than knee-deep into the sea. Or a pool. Or any water body. The sad part is that I love water. Would spend an entire day in water (as long as water reaches only up to my neckline when sitting, of course) if I could. As a result of a misspent youth (or living in a glass box for about 21 years) I am unable to swim. Fun fact: I can’t cycle either (Let the laughing begin). So I want to learn to swim this year – so that I can swim with the fish, explore sea wrecks and actually follow my boyfriend when he walks into a water body for a swim and not claw his flesh off in an attempt to feel safe – because he followed me into libraries, book fairs and exam halls. And he loves them all on his own now.

  1. Complete the Reading Challenge 2015

Have you seen this Reading Challenge? If you successfully complete it, you would have read about 52 books by the end of the year. Anything related books excites me, and this is one resolution I would enjoy completing!

  1. Send physical cards to people I am closest to for birthdays, Wesak, Christmas, etc.

Once upon a time, I used to haunt those little card-places that pop up around festive seasons. I would save up all my pocket money to afford nice cards for my friends. I haven’t done that since I acquired a phone, got a Facebook account and amalgamated my existence with the digital world. I want to change that. I want to do something more than upload a random photo off the web that says “Happy New Year” and tag 100 people on it. I want to do more than text “Before the phone lines get jammed, let me wish you a Happy New Year”. I want to do more than just write “HBD” on a wall or have a 2 minute phone call. Do you know why? Because these actions are too easy. These actions feel devoid of emotion. These actions feel obligatory. And I don’t want to feel that way anymore.

That said, this doesn’t mean I would completely quit texting people for their birthdays. But for the people I love the most, I shall try to do something special. Because if you are one of those people who have put up with my crazy weirdness, then you deserve it. And for the rest, I would at least try to make the text personal, and not generic.

So these are my short and not-so-sweet resolutions for 2015. If I have stuck by them by mid-year, I might consider adding a few “Mid-year resolutions” to the list.

Feel free to dissect my motives, elaborate your opinion, and if you would like to, tell me what you have resolved to do. Until next time. x


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