Happiness in the smallest thing

“My new year resolution is to be happy”

This was not in my list, as you would know if you had read my previous entry. But this, I hear, is the resolution of many people. And, as one wise man once said (Actually, it was my colleague. Not wise, at all), it all depends on what makes you happy; if you can find happiness in the smallest things, then you would be effortlessly happy.

Here are the top 5 things that make me grin like an idiot, and achievable with minimum effort.

  1. Baby giggles

If you know me, you would know I am obsessed with babies. It is only natural then, that babies make me happy. As long as I see a little one on the road – who is giggling away to himself, or cooing to his/her mother or, best of all, grin at me (!!!), I consider my day made.

Reason: Obviously, because I love babies. But it is also because there is something about the innocence of that giggle, about the helplessness that tug at my heart strings and make it play a wonderful music that soothes and oozes happy vibes. It’s in the way they look at you trustingly, you, a complete stranger, and they decide you are deserving of their happiness. And they giggle. Or smile. Or if you are especially lucky, they will hold on to your finger, and bless you with sweet fragrance of baby-ness. Babies, for me at least, is a sure way to add some light and life to a miserable day.

  1. Early morning sunshine

Not just sunshine. Early morning sunshine. The kind that you get around 6.30 in the morning, when it is slightly chilly but there is warmth; when the air smells fresh and squirrels dart out of your way when you walk (I am not too sure if one can find this in urbanized Colombo, though. I count myself extremely lucky to live in the green suburbs).

Reason: You feel as if the entire world is rooting for you. It’s comfortable, and beautiful. You feel freshness in the air, and feel refreshed. You feel as if you can anything that you feel like today, and you hum a little song. You feel belonged to the greater world out there, to nature and it makes you smile.

  1. A great outfit

A great outfit, according to your own opinion. Not an expensive one, not a trendy one, but something that makes you look in the mirror and tell yourself, “deim. I look good today.”

Reason: Because you feel beautiful, you would be beautiful too. It’s all in the perception of self. I have found out that on days I feel that I look good, I get more work done, am generally bubblier, and nicer to the world at large. I think it stems from the fact that your opinion of yourself is not dependent on someone else. You feel confident. And that makes you happy.

  1. Helping someone

From taking the bag from a person who is standing in the bus to helping an old lady cross the road to giving directions to a random person who seems lost to helping your friend edit that document, helping someone is a sure way to make yourself happy.

Reason: You feel valued. You feel that there is a purpose for your existence. You feel accomplished. You feel strong. You feel happy. Simple.

  1. Bombai-Mutai

Not candy-floss. Just cheap, Rs. 20/- (at least where I live. In Colombo though, it is about Rs. 50/-) The pink ones are my personal favorite, and comes between two thin wafers of “nice”.
Reason: Probably sugar rush. But also the texture of it. And that it’s an experience. It’s so sticky and messy that you can’t multi task while eating it. And, that, dear readers, is a good thing. We multi task too much as it is, Instagramming while eating, texting while walking – it feels liberating to just sit down and devour the bombai-mutai. An affordable treat, for the less health conscious.

The reason I compiled this list is because I hardly ever feel the need to say “I am going to be happy”. I think that is probably because I am, most of the time. You see, no matter how many resolutions you make, until you learn to see the happiness in small things – in a moment that is passing you by, it is going to be difficult. Happiness, I believe, the true happiness is in small things that happen every day. One just need to look for it.

Take a moment. Think a while. What small pleasures do you have in your life –  the kind that doesn’t require a fat wallet or a break from routine?


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