Finding Self

There comes a point in your life when your mind, heart and soul tells you to do something. Something that is against the grain of your nature; something that is illogical; something that is unreasonable. But if you do dare to do it, you will find yourself in the middle of the most amazing adventure.

I experienced this twice: once, a little over four years ago, and I found the love of my life. Second time was last Friday; and I found myself.


I am a planner. I am obsessed with planning. I make lists. I colour code everything. I have separate notebooks for separate areas of work. I know my life plan within a few days. Impulse, is not in my vocabulary. And yet, I packed a bag, and took off to the mountains with only 6 hours of notice. I cancelled plans, got creative with things I cannot cancel, and found myself in the car with a bunch of people who have infected me with the same bug they have been carrying for years: wanderlust.

Have you ever found yourself at the top of the world, and under the stars? Have you found yourself sitting on the edge of a rock as the stars glitter above you, sipping a cold cider, warmed by a campfire and the presence of like-minded people? Have you fallen asleep to the music of gushing water of a waterfall? Have you found yourself, yet? If not, I suggest you take off to the mountains. They will tell you who you really are.


Bambarakanda, the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka is 863 ft in height. Located in the middle of a pine forest, one has to trek through the slippery pine needles to reach its top. And it is here, at the tipping point of this cascading beauty, where the smell of pine needles made it feel like Christmas come early, under the light of a million glittering stars, in full view of the misty mountain tops that surrounded me, that I found myself.

Am I going to tell you what I found out? No, that I am not going to. But I will tell you that the discovery was aided by the sights that greeted me as I opened the flap of the tent early in the morning. I will tell you that the old classics that we sang at midnight huddled on a makeshift blanket while a few were in the danger of plunging to their deaths helped me. I will tell you that lying in the waters of a mini waterfall, where seclusion was the word of the day stirred my roots. I will tell you that breakfast by the edge, cuddles with a breath-taking backdrop and phantom animals that supposedly sniffed around the tent past midnight helped me find myself. I will tell you, on no uncertain terms, it is during an impulsive journey to a place that stilled my heart that I found myself.

Spending this one weekend away from all that I usually do put me in touch with who I really am. I am also almost 100% certain that I have been infected with wanderlust. I plan on travelling places. Will you join me?



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